Veneers and bonding

The delicate nature of the dental veneer means it fits naturally into your smile so it will look and feel just like a real tooth.

Porcelain and composite dental veneers

Natural smiles that light up the room using porcelain veneers, composite dental veneers, and dental bonding

Dental veneers

Sometimes, the smallest details make all the difference. Our experienced team of Dentists know how to sculpt the perfect dental veneer to create a natural smile that feels natural and shines bright.

A dental veneer is used to:

  • $ cover chips in your teeth
  • $ close gaps that make you feel self-conscious and,
  • $ hide stains that have built up over the years.

The delicate nature of the dental veneer means it fits naturally into your smile so it will look and feel just like a real tooth.

We work closely with a master ceramicist who handcrafts, and custom-makes our porcelain veneers, so you know you’re not just getting a good smile, you’re getting the very best smile.

At Jacaranda, we offer Cosmetic Smile Consultations to check they’re the right option for you. We’ll go through the process to fit your veneer and explain the difference between porcelain and composite veneers.

Porcelain dental veneers

Porcelain veneers are the glass slipper of the veneer world. They’re delicate, look stunning and will last you way beyond midnight.

The veneer is a semi-transparent ‘shell’ that covers the teeth at the front of your mouth (the ones that show when you smile). It has a similar feeling to a very thin false nail that is sculpted perfectly to the front of your tooth and feels just like a natural tooth.

You may be considering veneers if you have discoloured, chipped, or crooked front teeth that are affecting your confidence to smile. Porcelain veneers only require a small amount of your natural tooth to be reshaped, so they’re a great option for minimal treatment with maximum results.

Some of our favourite things about porcelain veneers:

  • $ The veneer has a life-like translucency that looks and feels like a natural tooth
  • $ They look completely natural
  • $ A porcelain veneer is extremely strong and can handle your normal daily life
  • $ It will last around 10-15 years if you take good care of it
  • $ Our porcelain veneers are handcrafted by a master ceramist
  • $ A porcelain veneer transforms your smile for an instant confidence boost

Composite dental veneers

Composite veneers are similar to a tooth-coloured filling. They have a texture more like plastic, as opposed to the glass-like material of the porcelain veneers.

We make the composite veneers in-house using a hybrid ceramic reinforced composite resin. This means it has a better surface shine, more polish and will last longer than the standard composite material used in many dental practices.

Composite veneers are more vulnerable to wear and tear and discolouration than the porcelain veneers, so expect to book in for a few little touch-ups over their lifespan.
In general, composite veneers will last anywhere between 3-6 years but as with all teeth, that depends on how well you look after it.

Dental bonding

Dental bonding uses a composite material to build up the edge of your teeth. So, instead of covering the entire front of your tooth, it’s changing the shape of the edge of your teeth.

This is a great treatment if, for example, you have a tooth that’s out of line and you want them all to look perfectly straight.

We also use composite dental bonding to close-up gaps and cover minor discrepancies.

It’s a simple, non-invasive approach that makes a big difference. Head to our smile gallery to see some examples of how bonding has changed the look and feel of our client’s smiles.


If you’d like to know more about dental veneers or dental bonding at Jacaranda, we’re always here to help.

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