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Implant Dentistry

Despite our best efforts and modern technology, it is not possible to save every tooth. Traditionally patients had to rely on a partial denture or bridges to help replace missing teeth, but at Jacaranda Family Dental we are pleased to be able to provide dental implants as another option.

Dental implants are made of medical grade titanium and can help secure new teeth (ceramic or acrylic) into your jaws providing a natural feeling replacement.

Implant Supported Dentures

Whilst conventional full dentures can provide a cost effective replacement for those patients missing many teeth, they aren’t always the most comfortable or well fitting.

For those patients wanting a little more for their dentures, it is often able to place between 1 and 4 implants to help stop your denture floating away. Many patients who undergo this treatment at Jacaranda Family Dental find themselves enjoying foods they haven’t had in years.

Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth becomes damaged by a deep cavity or trauma, this can cause the pulp (nerve) inside the tooth to die or become infected. Left untreated this can result in infection spreading to the bone and causing an abscess.

Root canal treatment involves making a small opening into the inside of the tooth and disinfecting this area prior to placing a special material to help seal the inside of the tooth.

At Jacaranda Family Dental we are able to provide this treatment for most teeth, often saving you the hassle of leaving Gympie to see a specialist.

Digital X-Rays

We utilise the latest in digital x-ray equipment in all of our surgeries. Digital x-ray systems require a much lower level of radiation to in comparison to conventional x-rays and results are visible instantly.


Playing sport is fun, exciting and keeps us fit, but accidents do happen. Dental injuries from sport can be difficult and expensive to correct and are best prevented with a custom made mouthguard. A mouthguard reduces the impact of a blow to the mouth or face to assist in preventing or reducing the severity of any mouth or jaw injury. The cost of an injury to your teeth or jaw far exceeds the cost of a custom-fitted mouthguard.

After taking a mould of your mouth we are able to create a mouthguard at Jacaranda Family Dental that is not only comfortable and suits your individual bite pattern, but evenly distributes and force from a knock or bump to the teeth.

The benefits of having a custom fit mouthguard are that it:

  • Will not fall when you open your mouth, allowing you to speak whilst wearing it.
  • Is comfortable.
  • Will not restrict breathing.
  • Provides the highest level of protection available for your mouth when participating in contact sports or activities.

Some suggested sports where a mouthguard is imperative are football (all codes), hockey, netball, basketball, baseball and even skateboarding and skiing, just to name a few.Be sure to ask about our wide selection of colours and patterns available. We will be sure to have one to make your team colours.

To ensure longevity of your mouthguard:

  • Rinse in cold water after every use.
  • Store in a rigid plastic container.
  • Keep away from high heat (such as prolonged periods in a hot car) as mouthguards will distort in high temperatures.
  • Occasionally rinse your mouthguard in a mouthwash.
If you have a fear of dentists or of dental treatment sedation is an option for you at Jacaranda Family Dental in Gympie. It enables dental treatment to be carried out whilst you are relaxed and makes your visit much more pleasant. It is commonly used on patients who have a fear or phobia of dental treatment.

This fear can be for a number of reasons including:

  • Fear of pain
  • Extremely sensitive teeth
  • History of traumatic dental experiences
  • Complex dental problems

At Jacaranda Family Dental in Gympie we have a visiting anaesthetist that administers and monitors the sedation. The cost of this is very reasonable and you are eligible to receive about 50% of this cost back from Medicare. Please do not hesitate in contacting us on 5481 1255 if you would like more information.

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