Five Ways We Look After Anxious Patients

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Blog

Visiting the dentist isn’t on most people’s ‘Favourite Activity List’, and even more so for those that have had a horrible experience in the past.

Please know that we have a genuine focus on patient care and want everyone to feel comfortable with us.

Reading through the five-star Google reviews about the wonderful experience’s patients have had with us always warms our heart and here are five ways we go the extra mile for you:

We understand that there’s a person attached to the mouth we’re working on

The ideal first appointment with us is a general check-up. No treatment is performed that day and it’s simply an opportunity for you to meet us, to share about your previous experiences and discuss any concerns you have in your mouth.

We examine your teeth, take any necessary x-rays and photos, and then sit with you to discuss what we can see. There can often be several options for things, so these are discussed in detail, and you decide which path you’d like to take.

During treatment, we allocate the time that each patient needs.

We can allow you to pause, wait and rest during your procedure to help manage how you’re feeling. You’ll be pleased to hear that we give you the control to let us know how you’re going by simply raising your hand if you need us to stop.

You’re fully informed and our delivery is consistent

We take the time to explain what we’re going to do beforehand so there are no surprises. We then go through the same routine for each appointment so you become familiar with exactly what to expect from us. Utilising a ceiling-mounted TV as a distraction tool for all ages comes in handy or you’re welcome to listen to your own music.

Investments in technology

We’ve invested in some wonderful technology at the practice to make your visit to the dentist as comfortable as possible.

We offer sleep dentistry

For those patients that are incredibly anxious about the dentist and would prefer to be sedated to have their work performed, we have a visiting dentist who is specially trained in putting you off to sleep. You then have your work performed and you wake up having had a wonderful experience. This service is offered from the age of 16.

If you know you need to take the first step on finding a dental home and moving towards a life where the dentist isn’t a terrifying experience, we’re here to help. We understand that taking the first step of being in touch with us is scary in itself and patients in your shoes are often emotional on that first phone call. Please know we pass no judgement whatsoever. It may have been two, ten, twenty or thirty years since you’ve seen a dentist.

We’re simply here for you.

If you’re happy to pick up the phone, give one of our friendly receptionists a call on (07) 5481 1255. If you prefer e-mail, that’s fine as well –

We look forward to being able to help you.

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