Grace Alexander

Dental Hygienist

Grace is one of our amazing Dental Hygienists who found a love for Dentistry after spotting a position for a Dental Assistant. She enjoyed assisting so much that she knew she had to learn more and do it herself…and that was over 15 years ago!

Grace’s favourite part of the job is working with orthodontic patients. She says that there’s something about the intricacies of braces and realigning teeth that excites her. Who doesn’t love a great smile?

If Grace hadn’t found a taste for teeth, she says she’d be volunteering to help those who don’t have the same privileges that she enjoyed growing up. And if Grace ever moves on (please don’t!), she says she’ll seek a challenging job that gives her plenty of room for growth.

Outside of work, Grace likes to relax with friends and family. She says, ‘they’re my world and I’m so thankful for every one of them’. When Grace has more time, she’d like to see more of the world but for now Canada is her favourite place for its beautiful scenery and friendly people. Sounds just like Gympie!

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